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Hi,  I am Natalie.  I play a 16-string zither as you can see on my profile photo.  I enjoy writing and playing theme/relaxing music. It helps me and my family sleep well. It brings us positive energies, relieves stresses and anxieties, balance our emotions and improves concentrations.
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    Music I write is dedicated to someone I love and care for and for folks that have limited communication skills. Through observances of their moods, emotions, gestures, thought, and actions etc. I write music to communicate, sooth and help them go to sleep naturally. You may notice, the notes, melodies, riffles of instruments I play; it not only expresses their feelings that they can't verbally share when they angry or frustrated but also share them my feeling of understanding how they feel as if I were in their position.  They can feel my music take away their frustrations. When someone is angry or frustrated, the vocabularies have gone; they struggle to explain their feelings. I feel them, I play my music describe their feelings of how frustration they are to sooth them. They feel relaxed when feelings being shared by connecting through music. It also gives them time to calm down to make situation better for all of us.  

    Sample from songs that worked for me when I communicated through music to let them know I felt their feeling of being sad and ending melody with relief and let go the frustration feeling.  Music is like soulmates and friends to share when we are up or down in any situations especially when they can't express them self at the moody moment.

    "Leaving the moon": I can feel their sadness and ending with message melody feel like it was over; lets move on.

    "Journey to the Galaxy":  I can feel their overwhelming so riffles of notes feels relaxing, and focusing on their work. 

    "Water Sings in the Cavern/Water Drops on the Mountain". I can feel their discomfort so  riffles notes sound like waters soothes them as if they were in the pool, spa or rivers that could make them feel comfort.   

    "Reflections in the Campfire" I can feel they need a quiet time to focus on their work, the soft and mellow but determination melodies to keep them focus and get the job done. 

    "Relaxing in the Galaxy" I can feel they have a hard time to go to sleep, the beginning melody telling them time to sooth themselves to sleep, the message of notes I played "go to sleep" repeat few times in their heads, the brain signals the body to go to sleep, then longer strong stress notes treats like lightings swirling around their minds then the riffle of notes sounds like water sooth them to sleep, last part of song reconfirm that they are well rested and giving them positive energies go through the day.

    "Looking for Someone" I can feel a challenging moment but melody of hope, love and soothing sound leads them to a positive result that they can do it at the end of the song. "Earth Now and Then" song described the tense moment they wanted to share me. Check it out more songs to see what fits your situations.

    Fun fact: Sometimes repetitive soothes someone, repetitive helps reinforcement, repetitive escalating forming words better when trying to spit out words :-)

    We are unique in our way that makes the world so colorful.

    We have our own skills and talents that accommodate each other.

    Thanks for reading! 

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    Thanks for listening to my music. Please donate whatever you could to the Autism Association directly. I am not associated with any originations; just a supporter.

    My bucket list in the future that is I would be able to donate 20% of my website income to The Autism Association, 10% to MLS and to The Cancer Associations.

    Thanks for reading!

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